Mathura Nagarpati

Ever heard of or watched the movie Raincoat? If you follow the link then you can get an overview of what it is all about. Unlike most people who watched the film, I did enjoy it. A lot. No dancing out of the blue or anything, and i really liked the way romance is portrayed in it. The simple truth that lovers almost always tend to act in such a way to make themselves look good in the eyes of their beloved has been played upon in the film, and in a very nice way indeed.

Anyway my biggest love in the film is one of the songs :). It’s called Mathura Nagarpati, and it talks about Krishna leaving Mathura, where he is King, to go back to his childhood place, Gokul, in order to meet his beloved, Radha. The meaning of the song however is to be interpreted in the context of the film, whereby Ajay Devgan (the actor) leaves the place where he is currently living to go to the place where his childhood sweetheart (Aishwarya Rai) is living. Shubha Mudgal’s voice is just wow in the song. I managed to find the translation of the song, and here it is:


Subaha subaha ka khyaal aaj

Early in the morning the thought arose

Wapas gokul chal mathura raaj

to go back to Gokul, in the king of Mathura’s mind

Mathura nagarpati kaahe tum gokul jaaon?

Oh lord of Mathura why are you going to Gokul?

Manohar vesh chhod nand raaj

Leaving this beautiful attire oh son of Nanda

Sar se utaarke sundar taaj

Removing the beautiful crown from your head

Raj dand chhod bhumi par vaaj

Giving up ruling this world

Phir kaahe baansuri bajaao?

Why are you playing the flute again?

Mathura nagarpati kaahe tum gokul jaao

Oh lord of Mathura why are you going to Gokul?

Kaun sa anokha geet gaye pee kakool

What unique song did the cuckoo sing

Raj paat jaise aaj bhai dhool?

That made you leave the throne like so much dirt?

Kaun sa anokha geet gaaye pee kakool

What unique song did the cuckoo sing

Birhan laage phir hridaya akool

That the pangs of separation are stirred anew?

Raj kaaj man na lagaao

The heart is no longer in kingly matters

Mathura nagarpati kkahe tum Gokul jaao?

Oh lord of Mathura why are you going to Gokul?

Poor naari saari vyakul nayan

Men and women watched with anxious eyes

Kusum sajaa lage kantak shayan

The flowers strewn on the bed felt like thorns

Poor naari saari vyakul nayan

Men and women watched with anxious eyes

Raat bhar madhav jaagat bechain

As Maadhav stayed awake the whole restless night

Kaahe aadhi raat saarathi bulaayo?

Why did he call the charioteer in the middle of the night?

Mathura nagarpati?..

Dheere dheere pahunchat jamuna ke teer

Slowly he reached the shores of the Jamuna

Sunsaan panghat mridul sameer

Lonely banks, soft breeze

Dheere dheere pahunchat jamuna ke teer

Slowly he reached the shores of the Jamuna

Khan khan madhav birha madeer

Madhav felt the bittersweet pangs

Use kaahe bhool na paao

Why can’t you forget her?

Mathura nagarpati?.

Tumhari piriya ab puri gharvaali

Your love is now a complete housewife

Doodh navan ghivoo din bhar khaali Getting new milk and busy the whole day

Biraha ke aansoon kab ke, ho kab ke ponch daali

The tears of separation have long since been wiped away

Phir kaahe dard jagaao? Then why awaken the pain again?

Mathura nagarpati kaahe tum Gokul jaao?

Oh lord of Mathura why are you going to Gokul?



35 Comments on “Mathura Nagarpati”

  1. USha says:

    I agree…this is my all time favorite song…thanks for the translation…my translation was very similar i got a friend to do it for me….I love this song!

  2. bansuri says:

    You are welcome! =)

  3. Ghouse Mohiuddin says:

    I have been obsessed by this haunting song since the day i got hold of the film’s dvd in 2004. i listen to it the first thing after i wake up and the last thing i do before i go to sleep.

  4. moushmi says:

    completely taken by the lyris truly it is a haunting song that has made me cry end number of times.the pain is so blatant..that it gets into u and stays there untill u try to get out of the trance.

  5. Kanika says:

    What a beautiful haunting song and what pain! Was searching for some text which would do the song some justice and landed here 🙂 Keep up the good work

  6. bansuri says:


    I’m happy you found what you were looking for! =) but really, no need to thank me coz i did not do the translation, I found it a long time back on some site. I’m just sorry I don’t remember where!


  7. ilika chakravarty says:

    this song touches a special chord in your conscience. what a rich lyric! no one could have sung it better than shubha.

  8. bansuri says:

    I agree. No one could have sung it better!

  9. tanvi.samant says:

    hello. i was so stumped by the movie raincoat. it was the most subtly expressed romance and passion. i can relate to that film. and yes the song mathura nagar pati is the most beautifully written and sung song. it is so close to my heart. thanks a million for translating it so nicely.

  10. bansuri says:

    Hi Tanvi

    I’m glad you liked the translation, but as I said before I wasn’t the one who translated it, I found it somewhere on the net, but I do not remember where.


  11. Gautam says:


    Came across your blogsite whilst searching for the lyrics of Mathura Nagrapati.
    I had already found the lyrics in the firts Google hit but decided to later check a few more hits and came to your blog.

    This is just to share the fact that the song had a simmilar haunting effect on myself
    and I have heard it now umpteen times ever since one late night I by chance saw
    Raincoat on TV. I also liked the movie immensely. I was toying wit the idea of writing a blogpost on the movie as well as the song and its emotional content and
    I see that you have also been moved enough to write about it.

    My take on Raincoat is slightly different than yours and I do not agree that lovers need to show that they are well off to each other. In the film I would rather say that
    lovers know that it will pain the partner to know that they are unhappy that is why
    the false projection of all the lies on both sides. But more than this what the film shows is that love is eternal because even then each tries to help the other with their last reserves even as their own existence is threatened. Ajay Devgan
    with his borrowed money which was his key to solving his unemployed status
    and Rai with her gold bangles which was probably her last assets in the last stages of financial dissolution of an alcoholic, dishonest husband and a family situation sinking into a financial quicksand and homelessness. The sacrifice on both sides are amazing.

    You are welcome to visit my blog. I am a Mahayana Buddhist of the Zen Sect
    but my family are Hindu. I will soon write about Mathura Nagarpati and I have a
    different take on that too. The emotional shades in the song I believe are very deep and layered starting from the earthly to the spiritual.

    Liked your website. Would look more later.

    Warm wishes

    Gautam Sengupta.

  12. bansuri says:

    Hi Gautam!

    I am very sorry for approving your comment so very late, but I am having major laptop crisis these days 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your views on Mathura Nagarpati. In my close circle of friends and families, I always get funny looks when I mention Raincoat is one of my favourite movies. Now I am feeling less and less like a weirdo because hey, I am not alone 🙂

    I am happy you enjoyed the site. I’ll be going through yours too.


  13. AP says:

    One of the most moving songs that I have ever heard.

  14. Ayesha Khan says:

    Thanks for the lyrics… stumbled upon ur blog while i was searching for the lyrics of this amazing.. I think this is by far one of Shubha Mudgal’s best works….Love the lyrics of the last para especually ” Tumri Piriya ab Puri Gharwali…..”… beautiful, simple yet profound…. I also love Piya Tora Kaisa ABhiman from the same movie… Raincoat is such beautiful movie, the sacrifice of Ajay and Aishwarya reminds me of “The gift of Maggi”.. a stiry I heard as a child.



  15. Hriday says:

    Nice song, great translation. I agree with all the ppl above who have expressed their admiration for this great song, movie and singer.

    Any idea who wrote these lyrics?

    • Jayeeta Ghose says:

      Rituparno Ghosh had written the lyrics…. of both ‘mathura nagarpati’ and also ‘piya tora kaisa abhiman’ from the same movie….

  16. sachin says:

    basuri and gautam,
    i had the same feeling due to song. but my favourite is piya tora…by hariharan. although the one sung by shubha mudgal is equally good.. but I like that of hariharan.
    I feel close to heart…and guess what for last 5 days the same song is running on my machine.

  17. Sharad says:

    Can anybody tell me the in which raag this song has been composed?

  18. Odilia says:

    Beautiful song. Thank you for the translation and comments. I am going to search for the film as well now.

  19. Shakti says:

    i am having tears…was not able to understand this song when i heard it first..
    have spent so many nights listening to this i hv been in love n m a fond believer of gopalji..

    no words for the composition singer n lyricist…

    Thanks a lot for making it easy for me..i cud understand it n feel it deeper in my heart…great post!


  21. Joy, London says:

    Lyricist: Rituparno Ghosh ( he has left us today)
    Mathura Nagarpati

    Singer: Shubha Mudgal
    Music Director: Debojyoti Mishra
    Lyricist: Rituparno Ghosh

    • bansuri says:

      Thank you for this, Joy. Rituparno Ghosh was brilliant.

    • Jayeeta Ghose says:

      Yes… Rhituparno has left us….. its raining with tears everywhere…. and the raincoat is no longer there…..
      Great person… so creative and talented he was…. every body ridiculed him of his unmanliness… but i suppose he was the strongest man ever….. understanding and acknowledging all human feelings, emotions and relations…. and brave enough to express the same despite facing much humiliation…..

  22. […] going back to the simple roots of his childhood / birthplace.  A full translation is available at Thanks to Udayan Chattopadhyay for the […]

  23. Soumen says:

    Bahu Manaratha Saju Abhisare Pehlu Sunil Bes Kaajal Nayane Saalaj Bayane Kusume Sajanu Kes
    Sakhi Hum Mohana Abhisari Jaun Bolo Hum Etat Sukh Kahan Paaun
    Jamunar Paar Gahana Aadhar Ghanar Pavan Majhe
    Piya SeTha Mor Bedana katar Mohe Laagi Baithe Aacha Sakhi Hum Mohana Abhisare Jaun Bolo Hum Etat Sukh Kahan Paaun
    Sakhi Chir Abhagini Hum Baithe Ekakini Pohano Rajani Tobo Nailo Shyaam Sakhi Chir Abhagini Hum Krishna Kaajal Pighala Sajarl Nayaner Neer Dhare
    Ki Kathin Patha Britha Manoratha Biphal Abhi Saare
    Sakhi Hum Kabahun Na Abhisare Jaun Dukha La Etat Sehe Nahin Paaun
    Britha Manaratha Saju Abhisare Pehlu Sunil Bes Kaajal Nayane Saalaj Bayane Kusume Sajaanu Kes Phir Aaju Mohan Abhisari Jaaun Sakhi Bol Etat Dukh Kahan Paaun!!!! 

    — by Rituporno Ghosh

  24. Vikram says:

    Thank you for translating. I chanced upon the song by accident and will certainly see the movie. I could understand part of the lyrics (thanks to a very good Hindi teacher decades ago) but after listening to the song was driven to understand the entire song. Your translation made that possible.

    • bansuri says:

      You are most welcome Vikram although, as previously mentioned, I didn’t do the translation. I get attracted to melody, and then hunt down brilliant people on the net who can translate songs I love 🙂

  25. varma says:

    Great song and great movie. There is more. Both the protagonists tried to help to each other,but how many of us imagined/expected her move beforehand? It is an issue brought up by the theme of the movie.It is as though the splendid art forms and stardom held us and the girl administered to most of us a slap across the face! Let us remember equality.

  26. Nishchal Kumar says:

    Really nice to see your post. It feels very good to see raincoat being so close to someone’s heart and people discussing it. Brilliant movie. I always considered it to be favourite movie and never hesitated to acknowledge the same. Many a times people around hadn’t even heard of the movie. Never mind it will always be close to my heart. Brilliant concept, theme, and class acting. Lyrics simply mesmerazing. Thanks Bansuri. I regret why didn’t I see this blog before.

    • bansuri says:

      Thanks to you, Nischal. It’s wonderful to “meet” souls with the same taste in movie/music. I’m afraid though that I am no longer a regular blogger and you might get horribly bored if you hung around here! 🙂

      • Nishchal Kumar says:

        Anyways bansuri…u can share ur email Id or contact me at . if u dont have issues. we can share similar details and it will be great to see u actively participating in this blog.

  27. Nagarpati says:

    I am so happy to read the translation of “Mathura Nagarpati”.What a beautifully sung by Shubha ji .I am in love with this song,and after reading it’s translation my love is increased.I was thinking that there are very few people who likes such meaningful lyrics and soulful music,But After reading so many comments I am feeling proud that all people who have commented are sharing same feelings.Dude thanks for posting the lyrics.

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