Dheera Sameere

Dheera Sameere

ratisuKasArE gata mabhisArE madanamanOharavESaM

nakuri nitaMbini! gamanaviLaMbana manusarataM hRdayESaM
dhiirasamiirE yamunAtiirE vasati vanE vanamAlii
dhiirasamiirE yamunAtiirE vasati vanE vanamAlii
gOpii piina payOdhara mardana caMcalakarayugaSAlii
dhiirasamiirE yamunAtiirE vasati vanE vanamAlii

The above is part of a song based on an Ashtapadi of Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda. (Sorry, but I couldn’t find the second part of the lyrics). Here, the Sakhi (the friend) is trying to convince Radha to go and meet Lord Krishna who is waiting for her on the banks of the Yamuna river. She describes Krishna’s plight to Radha:

When he plays the flute, only Radha’s name can be heard.

When he sees the leaves falling, he feels jealous of the breeze and the sand particles which are lucky to touch Radha’s body.

The friend tells the beautiful Radha not to delay, to cover herself in dark clothes and remove all her jewellery so that no one will see or hear her when she goes to stealthily meet her lover.

This reminds me of Abhisarika – one of eight nayikas (heroines) represented in Indian dances like Bharata Natyam (and in other forms of art too if I am not mistaken). Abhisarika is the daring one, the one who sets out in the middle of the night to meet her lover at an appointed place, not afraid of the darkness or the danger of anyone catching her. I still remember the time I was taught how to portray Abhisarika :). It was on a song which went something like ‘Sundari, kaise ghar jaaon?, which means “Beautiful one, how will you return back home?”. Each of the girls in my dance class was expected to come up with a short sort of play which involved a young girl setting out to meet her lover, and how, after meeting up with him, she realized it was so late that it was difficult for her to return back home. Not only did the exercise do wonders in making the shy ones of the class display good abhinaya, but it was also heaps of fun, with a lot of blushing and peals of laughter!


And now, it is the object of heart-wrenchingly bittersweet memories.



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