There are rain clouds overhead
Oh my soul
How we long for the sun
Running river, flowing streams
Quiet passion seeks the midnight dance
Shh, oh heart
Don’t jump so loud in anticipation!

Dark forest, foliage of fright
Conquering reveals beauty
Treading light and swift
Oh Lord, the unthreaded path is hard
Have we the strength to battle such demons?

Reaching! Reaching!
Oh screaming soul!
Not to much farther to the grove of inner peace!


Dark and beautiful.
Leaf rustle…oh what could it be?
Soft, soft–
Music tinkling like bells of laughter
Rustling movement and tinkling bells

Calm, calm– Then there he was.
Skin as dark as the cloudy night
Hands grasping a golden flute
Beauty personified in light

Be not faint, this is what you waited for
But what of rejection?
Oh heart, think of not such grand disappointment!
Bless are you in such presence alone!
Tinkling music, lost in the esctasy
To only dance with him—

Oh! so it shall be!
Me alone? Me alone?
He couldn’t possibly be brushing my hand with his lotus touch!
Oh moment, barely breathing
Just dancing, oh dancing
Oh my love, my heart
Keep still within–just dancing
Spinning, spinning— LIGHT

Quiet stir–
Oh could it be?
Just a dream? Oh no, please no.
Legs under the covers have not been dancing?
Yet the heart is crying in divine bhakti?
Oh Lord, down on our knees
Grateful for your diving grace
Oh vision of gopikas!
Dream of your dance!
Beautiful Raas-Leela of your lotus feet!


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