Perfect. Beautiful. Ready.

There she sat. Waiting. The air around her was thick with anticipation and bubbling with excitement. It would soon be time.

Some people say she is a non-living thing. How so far from the truth! She forms part of the most living creatures on this earth. Only a creature full of life would be able to do what she does – bringing to life those funny little symbols of ink on paper, bringing a smile to the lips of those lucky enough to witness her weaving her magic and touching the souls of hundreds. How powerful a creature she is, and how proud and arrogant she could be. But no. There she sat, selfless and humble. Waiting.

She sensed this time it would be different. I was all so fidgety that she just knew it. She didn’t live in the world of words, and she didn’t need them to understand what I wanted to say – that I was thankful, that I was sorry, that I was so happy and yet so sad. She knew it. So powerful was she. And when the influx of emotions became unbearable, she was the one who comforted me, like a mother comforting her child. Simply by catching the single tear which I didn’t manage to hold back and which silently rolled out of the corner of my eye, down my cheek on her body.

It was time. Gently, I lifted her up, put her on my knee and held on to her tightly. The curtain rose and a round of applause rang out. I looked at her proudly. There she was, my veena.

Perfect. Beautiful. Ready.


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