Rasa Evocation

“Jato hasta stato drusti; jato drusti stato mana; jato mana stato bhavo; jato bhavo stato rasa.”

“Wherever the hand moves, there the glances follow; where the glances go the mind follows; where the mind goes the mood follows; where the mood goes, there the flavour is (rasa).”

Eternally grateful is the young heart which learned how to enjoy the blissful feeling of rasa evocation.

And forever cherished shall be its Guru.


3 Comments on “Rasa Evocation”

  1. radicalblackrose says:

    I pray for her too. 🙂

  2. sirirama says:

    Hi. It is an important verse for dance , but a correction in the verse.
    It is Yato and not Jato.
    so the verse is
    yato hastas thato drishti
    yato dhristis thato manah
    yato manas thato bhavo
    yato bhavo thato rasa

  3. bansuri says:

    ooh ok.

    thanks for the correction then =)

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