This one is a personal favourite since I-don’t-know-when. A treat my ears and heart have been enjoying thanks to someone. Someone I love and miss so much it hurts. Perhaps as much as the many raindrops I’ve watched dancing. Or more.

i miss you sis.


Krishna Ni Bhe Gha-Ni, Baroo !

Krishna Ni Bhe Gha-Ni, Baroo !

Darkness coming around,

And every body fight with the brother

Every body wants control,

Don’t hesitate to kill one-anotherR

So come back as Jesus

Come back and save the world

Bless all the future of every boy and girl

Come back as Rama,

Forgive us for what we’ve done

Come back as Allah,

Come back as anyone


Religion is the reason,

The world is breaking up into pieces

Colour of the people,

Keeps us locked in hate please release us

So Come down and help us,

Save all the little ones

They need a teacher,

And you are the only one

We can rely on,

To build a better world

A world that’s for children,

A world that’s for everyone


Time is the healer, and time moves on

Time don’t wait for any one

So, Tell me you’ll be back

But that will take some time

I’m waiting ……

I’m waiting, yeah yeah……

Come back as Jesus

Come back and save the world

We need a teacher,

and You are the only one

Come back as Rama

Forgive us for what we’ve done

Come back as Allah

Come back as anyone…….

Govinda Guruhari Gopala hu…..




7 Comments on “Krishna”

  1. Jesus Peace says:

    Jesus has come, and he has the answers your soul is searching for. He has created the rain drops that speak so powerfully to your heart. He longs to know you.

  2. bansuri says:

    you call him Jesus

    i call him Krishna

    What’s in a name? that which we call rain drops
    By any other name would remain as gorgeous.


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  4. Ty says:

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful song. I was looking up images of Krishna for I’ve always seen him as a beautiful incarnation of god (not just appearance, but the message with him).

    I love the message sent in this song – that names don’t matter, that Krishna is with every bit of love and compassion we should share.

    I’ll be truthful to you, religion scares me due to all its destruction, but this song gives me new hope for everybody to join in peace some day.

  5. bansuri says:

    Hi Ty

    You are welcome =)

    I know just what you mean! The message in this song is sweet, simple, clear and gives a lot of hope. The hope that people around the world will one day realise that God doesn’t really need a name.

  6. Beautiful song! Full of love!

  7. Sanat Kumara says:

    The next avatara that will appear is Kalki. He’s the brother of Krishna/Rama.
    Kalki is the Supreme Being of the Milkyway while Krishna/Rama is the Supreme Being of the M-31 (Andromeda). They are family, Krishna/Rama is the oldest/most powerfull but Kalki is the fastest. Internal reasons make that Kalki will arrive about 2016-2018 (and not 2012). The big cleanup of sick genetic material will be drastic and complete, like an anti-virusprogram. Be aware.

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