Learning Love from The Gopis

Here’s something I found really interesting:
Learning Love From The Gopis of Vrindavan

To what extent the stuff mentioned in the article is true, I don’t know, but it sure is worth the read. According to the article:

  • Since the scriptures define woman as ‘one who fears’, and there is no human being totally fearless, we are all women and the only true male in this world is Krishna.
    I can almost hear my male chauvinist friends screaming.
  • Love and one’s beloved should be kept secret.
    “Love is a lamp lighted inside the temple of the heart. Till the gate of the mouth is closed it burns uninterrupted inside. However, once the mouth opens and the outside air enters, it flickers and dies out.”
    Interesting. So instead of shouting ‘I love you’ on top of roofs, better whisper it in someone’s ears.
  • Love Krishna like the Gopis loved him rather than like how a mother loves her child. It is the only way of loving without any inhibitions.
    Makes sense.
  • Ram and Sita, Vishnu and Lakshmi, though both are loving couples, lacked the “everyday sweetness of encounter” which the Gopis shared with Krishna.
    Again, makes sense.
  • One of the reasons Krishna is dark is “because he lives in the eyes of the gopis, which are lined with black kohl, leaving a permanent mark on him.”
    I love this reason 🙂
  • The love the Gopis have for Krishna goes far beyond the physical. Loving Krishna gives you everlasting peace.

And if ever you are in the process of dying under a pile of assignments/projects/tests, but unable to really study because you are too busy enjoying the rain, listening to good music, daydreaming about gorgeous eyes and fingers, getting drunk on double chocolate cookies and consuming milo as if it were oxygen, here’s another way for you to procrastinate: make a list of all the ways you procrastinate.


2 Comments on “Learning Love from The Gopis”

  1. radicalblackrose says:

    i did the list..

    and one particular reason was on the top of my list.

  2. bansuri says:

    and why do i get the feeling it’s the same reason which tops up my list, eh?

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