She looks so pretty. So proud and glowing. Peeping through the leaves, she looks as if she is teasing me. The way her soft glow contrasts with the blue velvet colour behind is simply breathtaking.

Beauty pageants might actually not be as stupid as I always thought they were, I realized. They should in fact be held everyday, with a different winner each time. But they should make the rules more rigorous. Only exceptionally beautiful contestants should have the right to take part.

But then how, oh how in the world shall we be able to agree on who is the most beautiful?

Will it be the rain which manages to come up with gorgeous choreographies each time it visits the earth? Or the wind which makes the tree near as4 sway prettily? Or the tall tree which stands proudly opposite my favourite bus-stop? The sound of waves which keeps haunting me? The solitary star which occasionally pops up before I go to bed perhaps? The damp soil with the heart warming smell? The gorgeous sunsets at flic-en-flac which always leave me gaping in awe? Or the pitch dark clouds before a great storm? Dusk, which has the power to make us twist our necks in order to watch the pattern of the leaves against the sky?

But for tonight, there is no competition. Looking out of my window smiling, I suddenly feel like Emilie Jolie, wanting to fly high up in the sky with the birds.

Just so I can tell the moon just how pretty she looks tonight.


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