When I am under the covers and hear footsteps outside in the corridor, i still get the same comforting jolt as when daddy used to come say goodnight.

When I get out of the toilet, i still make a left turn to go to the sink, even though i should know by now that i should go straight.

After applying chandan on my face, I still wait to hear my little sister’s giggle.

When I am struggling with a new piece in my veena class, I still look up for the wink, just to realise that it is no longer there.

Every now and then when i open my room’s door, i catch myself starting to shout ‘mom! i am home’.

Whenever I have a sarcastic thought, it is to you that i want to tell it first since no one gets me like you do, but then i have to reconsider it because i tend to forget we no longer live in the same time zone sis.

Whenever i am watching a dance performance, i get the same rush as when i used to be backstage with some beloved souls, and then i have to remind myself that for now i am just a spectator.

Old habits die hard. And perhaps on some level, i do not want them to.


2 Comments on “#12”

  1. radicalblackrose says:

    i will wink for you.


  2. bansuri says:

    aww! that’s so sweet! =)

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