Sometimes the journey is much more important than the destination.

The perfect journey? One with flaws. One with many many flaws, with just the right amount of ‘right’, and only then will it be the perfect journey.  There is no one recipe to make a journey a perfect one, which is why so many of them end up being lousy and discouraging.  But perfect journeys do exist, because they do occur.  If you do happen to experience one, you might want to thank your stars.  And if you are even luckier to experience two of them consecutively, it might be time to start praying, because of the whole lot of pleasure derived.  Remember, too much dopamine in the brain is dangerous.

The right people, the right frame of mind and a common love transgressing age and status might be all it takes to forget all the flaws.  All the ‘wrongs’.  Whether or not you shall miss the last bus will then be the last thing on your mind.  And with a heavy yet light heart, you will start singing with the excited souls around you, together with the tantalising notes from the bansuri and the piano, that same melody which engraved itself onto everyone’s heart during the last journey.  One which led to such a perfect destination.

This journey has been great.  Yet, the destination is still unknown.


2 Comments on “#13”

  1. radicalblackrose says:

    *Doors closing*

    *next station*



  2. bansuri says:

    And perfect was the destination once again.


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