Govinda Govinda!

My relatively unattractive and boring blog received quite a few visitors the past few weeks, and slow as I am (anyone who knows me personally can confirm this), it took me quite some time to figure out why. People landed on my blog through search queries like ‘govinden festival in mauritius’, ‘govinden krishna’, or one of the most popular ones, ‘govinden songs’. So I guess I’m not the only one craving for something even remotely related to what is going on home during this month, eh?

It’s already 2008, which makes it the 4th Govinden festival away from home. I wonder how many more there shall be. It’s sad. Because I do not want to write one day ‘I forgot all about Govinden this year. Anyway, this was my 20th Govinden away from home’. That would be so heartbreaking.

Anyway, this post is for those peeps who today are not going to be able to join in the festivities. Whether it’s because they do not care, or they are too lazy to go to the temple on a saturday night, or because they are not home.

Ask anyone to sing a Govinden song, and there is a high chance this is what’s gonna come out:

sung by Renganaigee P.Naidu & Kumari A.Sugandha.



One Comment on “Govinda Govinda!”

  1. […] Music, Musings tagged Govinden festival, kollatam, Krishna, Mauritius at 1:03 am by bansuri Related Every year in Mauritius there is a one month fasting festival called Govinden from mid September […]

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