One of the most uncomfortable feelings ever is not knowing why you feel lousy.  Lethargic, lazy, fed up, tired, sad?  No idea.  And no, i am not being a drama queen.  I’ve had enough of drama queens for the past few days as it is.   The only thing which has been keeping me sane recently is Ustad Vilayat Khan’s music.  My love for his playing has been growing more and more daily.  And today i smiled the most genuine smile I have smiled for quite some time.

I was in the train when it grew darker and darker.  Trees started swaying, and it grew cold.  A sudden flash of lightning followed by roaring thunder made my heart skip a beat.  The train reached the reservoir thingy place when it started pouring.  And I literally teared up when I saw the raindrops dancing on the lake.  I know.  I always seem to be mesmerized by rain as if I am seeing it for the first time.  But God!   I have yet to see a more perfect creation of yours.

So I did smile in the train today.  And again when i came back home and bumped into this:

Sitars do sing in hands other than those of beloved Ustad Vilayat Khan as well 🙂


3 Comments on “#28”

  1. shlok says:

    Very melodious! If you do get a chance also checkout this one:

    it’s one of my very favorite hansadhwani on Bansuri 🙂

    • bansuri says:

      hey shlok
      i can’t seem to open it! =(

      yea. there’s something about hamsadwani which makes you smile always =)

  2. shlok says:

    I’ve emailed it to you….

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