Every single day.  If the sun is up, my little french boy will smile at me and say in his most endearing broken english “i like it when the sun shines on the water.  It is bootiful”.  And it makes my day.  Every single day.

Divali will be here soon.  And this bansuri is gearing up to welcome it with a very heavy heart.

I have many things i want to say.  many many things i am thankful about.  many good things which have been happening to me, around me.  many things which make me smile every day.  And God knows how truly thankful i am.  but there are many things weighing my heart down.  and i am starting to wonder if i really am as emotionally strong as everyone around me seems to think i am.
but the many things i want to say, i’m not saying here.  because it really is true that there are some things which words cannot explain.


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