i’ll be blunt.

life does not revolve around you. or you. or you for that matter.  deal with it.

because i don’t complain does not mean i do not have anything to complain about. it just means i chose not to bore you with my crap. unlike you.
or, you mean too much to me for me to weigh you down with my load.
or, you just won’t understand,  unlike some.

and yes.  i may seem bullet-proof. but guess what.  i am not.  things do get to me.

also, i might seem stupid. fine by me.
just so you know, i’ve learnt how to play the game.  sad,  but true.

i guess i did not realise when i actually grew up enough to realise all this.  and i know you will too.  i pray it happens soon though.

and yes, i know.  i have much more growing up to do.

oh. and i love this  =)


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