Why I am in love with Chitra Divakaruni

– …Promises may be fulfilled, yes, but not always in the way we imagine…

– So little.  And yet, for my starved heart, so much.

– That’s how it is sometimes when we plunge into the depths of our lives.  No one can accompany us, not even those who would give up their hearts for our happiness.

– O, my Anju, you who have never learned to bend with the wind, what will happen if you marry the wrong kind of man?

– Love happens and so do miracles.

– This is how love makes cowards of us.

– The house of marriage has many locked rooms.

– Love’s grand passion was snatched from me, yes, but perhaps there could still be quiet affections in my life.

– You must make your own happiness … You must be wise enough to recognize it when it comes.  And if it doesn’t come in spite of all your efforts, you must do something about that as well.

– But silence has its own insidious power.

Live for yourself this one time, my heart sings.

– Because a child is yours in a way even the most solicitous lover can never be.

– It’s love that makes a relationship, as much as blood.

And this is from one book only.  Yes, I love Chitra Divakaruni.


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