thanks to a fantastic, eye-opening 3 day workshop, my neurons have been firing like crazy in my brain since. i’m even having difficulty sleeping! Ok fine. it’s the horrible heat keeping me up. but still.

then yesterday and today, two peeps who also attended the training excitedly shared how they observed interesting changes in their lives since the workshop. i was intrigued. coz besides reading up, drawing links and writing about how things were finally making sense to me, my life was pretty much the same. and then i realized why.

i had been thinking and analyzing what i had learnt.
they had been applying what they had learnt.

Devotional, Intellectual or Experiential learning for you?

Think about it.

All 3 of them are oh-so important. truly.but experiential learning is truly the most majestic of them all.
“I cannot teach you that. That you must feel yourself.” Anyone who learnt any form of art will understand what my music teacher meant by that.

so yeah. maybe i should calm down my neurons, do some experiential learning and start making some changes in my life.

and. just to share.

Home’s Favourite =)



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