There’s an extended version of Bhai Aboo. I swear. It can actually be longer.

A 3 year old shared with me that her fish bowl fell down and broke. Her dear fish are currently hospitalised. They’ll be back home as soon as her dad fixes the bowl.

i’d never survive in a corporate environment.

Ever heard of a plane taking half an hour to park on landing? It apparently couldn’t find a parking space. In dear paradise island, of course.

I’m thankful.for everything.

Relationships are draining. Even the best of them.

to be empathic and unemotional at the same time when a middle aged lady breaks down and shares about abuse suffered as a child. selfish as it may seem, it does take a lot out of you to keep the poker face.

I’m addicted to one of my countryman’s writing and photography skills.

What would a jealous sky look like?

I’ve been taking what I like to call sensory walks to my past. Strongest recollections?
Grandma’s smell
Dad’s tea
Mom’s warm hand
Sisters’ giggles
The sun pouring in the living room

That liberating feeling when you realise that however crappy some life experiences may be, it’s really a life worth living. for your own personal reasons. Priceless.


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