merci Krishna


To avoid sounding like Joey: “Why God? Why?!!”



1. pen / pencil / crayon / marker / just anything you can write with, k.

2. a notebook which spends most of its time with you  – burdened by a  million things, but happy to be of use (i’m pretty sure i am not the only one who cherishes her work notebook).



1. pay special attention to those small things which go your way- the headache is gone / got a seat on the bus / wonderful parents

2. each time you mindfully acknowledge any such good thing, turn to the last page of that special, horribly packed notebook.

3. write ‘thank you [insert name of your ishta deva]’



1. feeling silly to have resorted to such a ‘childish’ way of comforting oneself.

2. harder to focus on the not-so-great-things happening in your life.

3. as if a can of worms had been opened – great things just seem to spill out.

4. not only small great things, but big great things as well.

4. difficult-to-explain blissful peace.


Follow-up action:

Never feel silly for seeking comfort in Him.



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