Remember when you were a kid and your parents and teachers used to warn you about who to hang out with? Yet, the more we “grow up”, the less importance we give to this golden rule.

When we talk of bad company, many conjure up the image of big burly tattooed individuals, racing on noisy motorbikes, enjoying different brands of “fresh air” and doing other funny things in dark alleys. I’ve met many of those big burly tattooed individuals, and it’s becoming more and more difficult for me to see them as bad company. How can anyone who inspires you to do good and to be good, be harmful? Context, really, is everything.

It is so important to surround yourself with the right people. And I’ve come to understand who these right people are. They are those who help you to grow spiritually. This life is all about finding yourself, and if someone can help you fix a small part of the “Who am I?” puzzle, then that person is definitely one of your treasures of life. And chances are, if they are part of your spiritual growth, you are definitely part of theirs. That’s how we grow, right? That’s a truth which all trainers/educators-other similar occupations-people know to the core – learning is always a two way process.

And bad company? Bad company are not bad people. Hell no. Bad company are people who do not help you to grow spiritually. They either prevent you from evolving by keeping you stagnant, or help you to regress. Keeping in mind that growth is a continuum, evolution and regression would be very subjective. Hence, my good company might not be yours. And yea, my Mr Right will only be my Mr Right =)

See, that’s the tricky part. You should view people as good or bad company not because of their actions, but rather because of your actions when around them. Who you are and what you do, that’s within your locus of control.

For the record, I am extremely thankful for the good company in my life.


3 Comments on “#53”

  1. Sunny Kris says:

    Well said! And i’m going to write a small post and link it to your blog. Why? I’m sure you are good company. 🙂

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