It’s been six months since I joined this place, and, despite all my optimism, I’m not sure whether I’ll be back. Although I said goodbye to that same environment a few miles across the sea sometime last year, here I found myself. Absolutely no reason to give up the faith and belief now, right?

It’s usually the type of environment which people hope to get away from, pray not to come back to and rejoice in closing the door after. I don’t. Not because I love it here, but because this is one of the few places where there is a thirst for selfless Seva. It is one of the rare places in our material society whereby the only choice is to find and mould selfless service in oneself else you lose yourself, where you have to train yourself to wipe the tears of the darkness of humanity, in the hope of finding a ray of sunshine beneath. How do find it, if you don’t believe it is there in the first place?

To all the souls who keep helping me fix a small part of the Me puzzle in order to understand how You and I are Him – thank you.

18 Feb 2015, 2.36pm


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