I took the bus today, to a well-known location for an aptitude test in order to gauge whether I had enough basic skills to join a more formal music training course.

She sat next to me. Long hair, ‘open’ face and a couple of bags to which she held on to. She seemed interested when she heard me telling the bus ‘ticket person’ which bus station I would be getting down at. And she did not hesitate to strike up a conversation.

Not about the weather, ongoing political drama or what not. No, no small talk. We talked about our interest in what we were doing for a living and as a hobby. The importance of self-care above all else. How keeping ‘me’ happy is the key to keeping everyone else around happy. Was I happy?, she asked with wide, warm eyes. We talked about detachment in order to find oneself. She had been a young widow, she shared, and teaching her three kids to find themselves had been her mission.

‘Be happy’ she blessed me when she reached her stop.

How I love ‘stranger talk’, and how blessed I feel when He sends my way an old soul with warm eyes and an understanding heart.


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