Someone once told me that Mirabai haunts her, and I can pretty much understand why.  She haunts me too, not the scary kind of haunting but the fascinating kind of haunting.   Basically, Mirabai  was a princess, a poet and one of the most ardent devotee of Krishna ever, and should you wish to know more about who she is, google does a pretty good job.

Mirabai is the epitome of pure love.  She loved Krishna selflessly, and to attain Krishna was her one and only goal.  But personally, Mirabai represents something else too to me.  She symbolises what each one of us could be if we carried with us the innocence we had when we were children.

“Once there was a marriage procession in front of her residence. The bridegroom was nicely dressed. Mira, who was only a child, saw the bridegroom and said to her mother innocently, “Dear mother, who is my bridegroom?”. Mira’s mother smiled, and half in jest and half in earnest, pointed towards the image of Sri Krishna and said, “My dear Mira, Lord Krishna, this beautiful image, is your bridegroom”. Child Mira began to love the idol of Krishna very much. She spent much of her time in bathing and dressing the image. She worshipped the image. She slept with the image. She danced about the image in ecstasy. She sang beautiful songs in front of the image. She used to talk to the idol.”[see here]


I believe Mirabai showed us the power of nurturing the love and innocence you had when you were a child, making sure the wind does not blow them away, that fire does not send them into flames, and that water does not douse the life in them.  And that’s why I am so fascinated by her – her child-like innocence led her to be so devoted to Lord Krishna that she lived her life only by His name.

When I was 16 years old or so I became quite inexplicably attracted and obsessed with a marble statue of Mirabai similar to the picture above.  It was big, and was sitting majestically in the windows of this famous saree shop on the main road near the bus station.  She was so pretty and looked so peaceful, and despite my smooth talks I didn’t manage to convince my parents to let me buy it.  Then there was this time when I saw a smaller version of it in a temple.  Just as beautiful as ever.

One day I’ll have one Mirabai statue like that.  Yep, one day I shall!



Look who‘s in my home now.