Divali 2014


Nothing beats the beauty of simple diyas, ever.



There was love and care, laughter and careless banter. The feel of the familiar, the excitement and slight anxiety about the future. The trips down memory lane. Kissing the cutest feet of the future with hope and prayers.

She looked up at the sky and she knew, from the bottom of her heart, that this was where she needed to be. The bouquet of stars against the velvet sky was like a beautiful work of art which made her heart skip a beat.

Yet, something was missing. If only she knew what, she could have added it to the tapestry above.


I’ve been “working” a lot on values recently, even more than usual, and I got to thinking: if a choice had to be made, which value could be worthy of ruling all? Although I concur that the choice could be highly subjective, I would personally lobby for “Caring”.

Caring means nursing newborn puppies despite crappy weather and a horrible throat infection.
It means gracefully giving up what you believe to be priceless (read: sleeping in) to attend to the needs of the small person you gave life to.
Caring is making countless trips to the hospital regardless of the time, just to make sure the sick person feels safe.
It means cooking food for people in need.
Caring is holding the hand of a person who hurt you before, knowing that the person needs to be held presently.
Caring is when you miss your bus to help someone find her way.
It is opening your house to others on Divali despite interpersonal conflicts going on, knowing that not everyone has a family to celebrate with.
Caring is sleeping in a truck outside prison, knowing your son is sleeping alone inside.
It is a smile and a thank you, to the cleaner who is in her twelfth hour shift.
It is a prayer, for the many people who are in pain.
Caring is seeing love in anger, worry and anxiety.
Caring is sharing of knowledge whole-heartedly.

Care is a behaviour of the pure soul, which knows that others are simply extensions of the self. Look at the caring acts around you, they are all manifestations of Him!

And. Just to share:
“I come from Vrindavan. Sri Krishna sent me here”
🙂 The sweetest thing I’ve heard for a long time now. I pray that innocence never fades.


How I wish I could give a giant hug to the world, to wipe all the tears and to lighten all the heavy hearts.

Thank you Amma, for taking care of so many of our hugging needs!

Radhe Radhe Radhe Govind Radhe!

Faith is internally cultivated. The loving relationship comes first, always.

It’s funny how most of us are nurtured the other way round. We are taught that public displays trumps all. What we eat, how we dress, what we do are apparently important determinants of who we are and what we believe in. Isn’t it the other way around though? Our beliefs lead us to where we need to be, to do what we need to do.

Watering faith with love can only ensure the blossoming of beautiful flowers. Right now, I can see beautiful, beautiful flowers around me which, amongst all the thorns and unwanted weed, stand out with amazing clarity and beauty. A gorgeous pathway paving the way to Him.

Blessed Govinden to all those celebrating!


Relationships are there already. We certainly don’t create them. It’s simply a story of souls meeting each other.

Souls, not hearts.

And if it doesn’t feel right, then it just isn’t the right soul.
Who said anything about needing eyes to see?
Who said proximity was necessary to feel?

When it’s right you feel it. And when it’s not, you feel it too.

Jai Sri Krishna

Krishna Offering

Blessed Krishna Janmastami all.